Powerful Women Step into their Own Light: 6 Key Concepts to Achieving Success


Have you ever had that feeling that you are standing on the edge of a cliff when it comes to the next step in your career, business, or life? Not sure whether to take that step and often feel fearful about what to do next?
There are so many conflicting pieces of information on what we should be doing as women, be it about our lives, our careers and our businesses. But, what do seem to come up repeatedly are the following six (6) keys to personal growth and true success.
Let me enumerate how these 6 keys work by tying it up to someone I know, who can exemplify these keys. So, here are the five women, and a little more of me, to see what we have:

1. Be Bold

Judy Hoberman is a radio show host, author, and international speaker. She has stepped out from working in the male dominated financial industry and ran her own company, ‘Selling in a Skirt’. She is bold in all that she does. In her desire to share with the world the path she carved long before it was even close to being trendy to do so, Judy trusted herself, stepped up, and made it happen.

She made a bold pledge to help one woman a day and made an even bolder step of donating $250,000 to charities that support women using her upcoming book to launch the process, When you are looking to take that step forward you need to be bold. Often, it is not as out there and not the same as stepping into the complete unknown, although, for many women it may as well be. This is not because we are about to be the first to take the step into a new phase of our lives, careers, or businesses. But, it is because we may not be aware of another woman who has done it before. This is, although, much is being shared even in the age of 24-hour news, so many women are still getting their message out.

Even with a role model ahead of us, a mentor or coach by our side, and confidence within ourselves- we still need to take that ‘bold step’ to take us further into the ‘unknown’ phase. We need to reach into ourselves and trust in the vision we have boldly set out.

When you are looking to take that step forward you need to be bold. Often, it is not as out there and not the same as stepping into the complete unknown, although, for many women it may as well be.

2. Be Authentic

Anastasia Button, Millennial Girl, entrepreneur, and author, is the embodiment of being authentic. As a broke roofing sales person in Denver, Colorado, she decided that it was high time to create the space she had been looking for and make things happen. Caught up by the credit crises in 2007/08, she made the move to make the space to be who she was and what she wanted to be. She stepped up and help businesses understand Millennials on how to gain productivity and retain their staff. #NewJobNewLife was the tool she used to share her authentic self with the world.

One of the biggest traps you can fall into is to shift the style that you do to suit the way that someone else would do it. It doesn’t even need to be as obvious as stepping into your full masculine energy to take on the role or take on the key personality traits of a person you perceive to have all the influence. When you step out of your own personality type and own strengths to appear like you ‘fit in’ or ‘belong’ to, then you are going to put your mind and body at odds. This will catch up with you in the form of illnesses both physically and mentally.

You can stand in your own authentic light, play to your strengths, and keep yourself mentally and physically on even ground. This comes through the language of the communication you use. By understanding your own language and that of the person you are dealing with, you can make sure you use the correct language to get your points across, whilst standing in your own authentic self. This doesn’t lead to a compromise- this allows everyone to remain true to themselves, work to their strengths, and get the job done.

One of the biggest traps you can fall into is to shift the style that you do to suit the way that someone else would do it.

3. Be Brave

Coach Renee Lopez is a veteran soccer coach of 15 years who has been on the decision-making side of US student sport scholarships for many years. She took the brave step of striking out on her own to fill a real gap in the market. She stepped up to being someone who could help a parent of a student seeking a scholarship, be able to navigate the process, and help discover if your child can get closer to that ‘full ride’. With her upcoming book on the horizon, she is stepping up and letting the world know that it is not just men who have all the knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the sporting arena.

Often, whilst standing in your own authentic self, you need to step up bravely and take on new challenges. Forge a path that no one else has before. This is where you will reach into yourself and choose to continue in your own power. Bravely hold on to your own values and convictions to make this happen. This does not mean you have to go to it alone. Often, being brave means asking for the help or support you need and make it happen that way.

4. Believe

Michelle Watson, London train driver, mother, preacher, author and speaker. She embodies the full power of believing that you can make a difference by going out there and making it happen. For Michelle, it is not about what you have had to battle against, or what it has done for you. But, it is about how you can rise above it, believe in yourself, and make it happen. All that she comes in touch with leave knowing that they are a little better for it.

Most of the things we often forget to do in the stress and pressure of everyday life is believe. It is the belief in ourselves that often disappears when we need it the most. It is also the belief in the process that we have set in action when we are chasing our vision or goal.

It is important to keep our belief strong. “You must believe that you will receive and that the perfect weight is yours already. You must imagine, pretend, act as if, and make believe the perfect weight is yours. You must see yourself as receiving that perfect weight” Rhonda Byrne, The Secret Although Rhonda is using weight as an example in this quote, it applies to all aspects of our lives. If we trust in the process and in ourselves, let go and believe, then we can make it happen.

5. Be Aware of Your Body

Lila Gonzales is an ex-Environmental Sciences Professor, Bowstring yoga instructor, life coach and an author. She looks at how we hold our bodies can affect how we present it in our lives, work and businesses. Lila has a real joy in life, and movement is at the centre of it. Spend just minutes in her company and you cannot help but be aware of how you are holding yourself. You began to be aware where things don’t feel right. You’ll also have the feeling that you need to start finding the root of the cause so you’ll feel better.

If you don’t listen to your body, then you will miss the signals that tell you exactly what is happening around you. From a lifetime of being with yourself, you know that when you are scared or frightened, you might get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. When you are doing something that you don’t agree with or goes against your values, another part of your body might give you a signal. For me, it is the tightening in my face.
You will find that when you are really getting down about something, but trying hard to fight your way through it, then you’ll find your body having a bad back, headaches, or some other consistent pain/feeling that you often ignore or try to blame on other factors. Being in touch with your body is important.

6. Be Happy

Me, Maggie Georgopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, Ex-CSuite, speaker, author and global citizen. I learned the hard way that sticking to something that was making me unhappy, just because I happened to be good at it, was not the best way to live life. It even had the worst possible effect in your body.

You cannot truly achieve things if you are not happy. Days become long. Getting out of bed becomes hard. You feel like everything is an effort. Most of all, you just don’t feel up to taking on what life throws at you. Being happy is not about always smiling and laughing at everything. It is about feeling good within you.

If you are happy in what you do, then you will start each day with a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and you’ll be able to face whatever is thrown at you.

You cannot truly achieve things if you are not happy.


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