Don’t make men so dependent – remove cultural norms


Equality can be achieved only if we invest our value in children (The future of nation). Whenever We talk about Education , We focus on development of that particular person. Education is what bring a change in society through a person. What’s the point of Education if that person accepts dowry from his wife’s family..!! This kind of Education will never bring a change. It will just develop his individual life.

As I always say We talk about human rights and we discriminate in our own children. Male child and Female child have been raised differently in almost all families. Mostly in middle class family. We talk about Education but We believe it or not Girls Education always revolves around to get good groom, She never allowed to make career out of it. It’s mindset that girl should get marry between 22 to 24 or society will not accept it.

Boys are like free bird since childhood where as girls have so much restriction. They are not allowed to tired where as boys can get tired after coming to school. Every day we hear in family that “He is boy, He can do anything but Being Girl she should behave accordingly” Girls never allowed to go on picnic or to roam around with friends. Moreover, Hardly a lucky girl can go out of town for sports match or any workshop with family’s permission. In most of cases they have to hear..” WE do not want to do this. Just concentrate in study”.

I agree Girls are accepted to get first rank in school but at the same time They are accepted to be good house wife. Good in cooking especially. If you are not agree, just visit marriage bureau with a proposal. Most of the middle class family can accept a girl if she is not getting first rank but she is not being accepted if she is not good in house hold work. Reality is much more pathetic but I am unable to write due to lack of words.

Whenever I see children playing out side my bungalow , I think “It’s impossible to remove discrimination. Girls and boys play together and even 6-7 year old boy tells Its not her cup of tea , She is Girl. Or Why are you crying , It’s girls duty or Why are you holding broom , It’s girls thing stupid or hey leave it , it’s kitchen set, not for men like us and many more. With these thought in children, We can bring equality..!!! Moreover it shows atmosphere at their home as well.

From the school level We should teach the children that Girls are equal. W should engage children in thing which is allotted to Girls by the society and It’s shameful act to do for the boys. It’s very small thing but can get huge change in society. If we talk about equality, We should work on it. When 6-7 year old children raise like this , equality will always be a dream and girl will be always expected to do maid cum topper. (If we follow current rule of empowerment)

We talk about respect woman but in our own home we always treat woman as “fool” , . make a fun of her , treat our daughter as second priority. How can we expect respect from society..!!! Even today , parents get scolded on boy if he loose any match against Girl , telling shame on you , you lost against Girls..!! It shows the mindset. Actually they should appreciate girl for her achievement but no one does it. They think girls are “weak” and degrade them. Other side this way they teach their son to be egoistic and convey the message indirectly that Girls are meant to win. If you ever loose , society won’t accept.


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