Five Top Personal Reads


If your anything like me then you know reading a good book is so therapeutic both mentally and physically. Who would think a book could calm the mind, help you stimulate the brain waves to avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s later in life or bring you happiness through exciting context and relax the body as you sit or lay down to read.

Pick up a great book today and reap the benefits while you submerse onto a journey beyond your own world.

Here are my current 5 top books to read and a little spoiler from myself and the authors to get a taste of the journey you may embark if you were curious to pick up any one of my favourite books to read.

To start I’m a huge fan on biographies I love to read about their life, journey and how they became the person they are today.

Book 1: Bible

Being a devoted Catholic, this book never ceases to amaze me, I have read it 5 times and I have learnt something new every-time I’ve read it. The Bible is not only for Christians, anyone can read it and learn about life. Many people turn to inspirational books, The Secret (law of attraction) or others that have Buddha quotes and have no realisation that the bible contains the same inspiration in the form of a parable in some books within the bible (a chapter is called a book) and direction in the book of Proverbs. I love the connection I receive through the word and being in Jesus presence spiritually, mentally and physically.

Book 2: The Book Thief – Mark Zusak

This book captured me in every way possible, from the beginning I could not put this book down and although it’s a motion picture I refused to watch the movie knowing that the movie couldn’t possibly capture all that I wanted to experience through text. Geez was I wrong about that. After reading this book I watched the film and started to cry, it’s the first time I can say that a movie has done the book it’s Justice.

This book as Author Mark wrote quote: In 1938, young orphan Liesel arrives at the home of her new foster parents, Hans and Rosa. When Hans, a kindly housepainter, learns that Liesel cannot read, he teaches the child the wonders of the written language. Liesel grows to love books, even rescuing one from a Nazi bonfire. Though Liesel’s new family barely scrape by, their situation becomes even more precarious when they secretly shelter a Jewish boy whose father once saved Hans’ life.


Book 3: The Danish Girl – David Ebershoff

I saw the trailer of the film at first and thought, this movie cannot bring the novel to life. This time I was correct, although I enjoyed the movie as well, much was left out to fully understand Einar’s journey.

I read this book in a night, I refused to put it down.

Danish artists Einar Elbe and Gerda Wegener love each other immensely and shared a common interest, one day Gerda’s painting model couldn’t model for her so she asked her husband Einar to wear a dress so she could finish off her masterpiece, he refused but to help his beloved wife open a world Einar buried for years, it was then that something ignited in Einar’s body an unstoppable love of everything femmine and his wife had no part in it. The journey continues as one of the first transgender operations in the world was performed. Based around a true story with fiction base this book will hold you by the hand and take you on Einar (Lili) and Gerda’s life changing experiences & love stricken Journey.

Book 4: Me- Ricky Martin

Biographies are my first choice when choosing a book & I was extremely interested in finding out how this musically talented gorgeous man became gay and his journey on opening up and confronting his sexuality.

This book really takes you through his early life in a band and how he struggles physically and mentally within the music industry, record label demands, endless concerts, non stop touring while fighting what he suspected as demons inside of him when he was exploring his sexuality, with long term relationships with women, his spiritual journey, opening up to his family and the world about being gay. Travelling on Ricky’s journey through this all and becoming a father and the man he is today will give you an insight nothing is ever as simple as it looks, a wonderful and personal invite to Ricky Martin’s life.

Book 5: What if I had never tried it? Valentino Rossi The autobiography

Vale as us fans know him by is one of the greatest motorcyclist on earth. I have been following his career since he started racing at 17, I was young and in love with him that I never missed a race or an interview, til today I follow his career, watch his races, see what’s he up to on instagram and even own his merchandise. When this book was released I brought it straight away, I needed to know how he got to be the champion he still is today.

Valentino has won seven world titles in all classes, in 2005 become World Champion, was Top three ranking in the world championships for nine years in a row winning on both Honda and Yamaha, this book takes you to the real world behind the scenes of his career, how much input he has to every mechanical decision made on his bike, proving that with the worst bike you can still be a champion as it’s the rider. This book touches on his early life and how he came about becoming MOTORGP’s favorite. You don’t have to be into this sport to appreciate Valentino’s life, was mind blown to how such a young man has so much influence on his own career and life. I guess that’s why is the best!

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