Life is how you make, it’s how you take it, it’s how you perceive it, it’s your attitude towards it.

Living isn’t easy, it has its ups and downs, its turns and twists.

Life also has happiness, laughter, spiritual fulfilment, contentment and gratitude.

Life can be easy, it’s about not being too serious about the petty things in life, it’s about thinking before you speak, it is about taking those words down within your heart and finding a place within you and realising is this something you would want someone to say to yourself, how would you feel about it if the shoe was one the other foot.

Compassion and contentment, love and being kind, patient and being supportive, caring, the ability of knowing when to be there for someone and when not.

It’s as simple as just lying down on grass and look into the sky watching the clouds float, the purpose, the reason, the season.

Nature is a true element of knowing your place in life. Earth water, wind and fire.

In life the elements- you can play with fire, you can drift in the wind, you can float in the water or drown, or you can stay grounded on earth.

How often are we truly in line with the elements. Are we spiritually inclined?

Faith is vital in anyone’s life, your spirituality can help you find purpose, meaning, direction and healing.

Where in life are you? Where are you heading? Are you looking after you? Putting yourself first? Are you being selfish for a change for your life? Life is exactly as its read, this your LIFE……live it, dream it, follow it, fulfil it, nourish it, look after it, spoilt it, love it, change it, grow it, respect it, honour it!

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I don’t believe in just being good at one thing, i believe in being the best at everything. I am a self devoted woman who has worked in the travel industry, accounts, early education and am a vivid blogger. My struggles through anxiety has made me the strong woman i am today, i re-invented myself from being in fear to being fearless….


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