Control The New Bad


We as women today need to be in control of every situation in our lives, money, career, men.

The sad reality is that women really do not need this much leverage to feel satisfied.

The world is portraying that without sufficient wealth you can not survive yet I am advising you that you can.

You don’t need that corporate job to make you feel important, doing what you love and feeling like your not working a single day is your wealth, weather its being a sales consultant in a fashion store, flipping burgers at McDonald’s or being a cleaner you will find more satisfaction and add more years to your life doing what you love 8 hours a day.

Money is the root of all evils, I’m sure you have heard it before, the reasoning for this analogy is that if you lend money you ruin a friendship, if you borrow money and can’t afford the repayments you become malicious, if you keep comparing your pay packet to someone else’s you will feel a sense of lack.

Having little money is being rich, any amount can make you feel great and how you spend will make you wiser than the actual wealthy and that’s because you value your money, the amount, and you make it last.
Your saving capabilities are better, you achieve more out of life and you appreciate the simpler things in life which is your most biggest form of wealth both mentally and physically.
The only way you could fail at seeing this is if your greedy and want more when little is enough.

Example of this is talking to two women one who has it all and one who is living life in its means, when asked if you could win the lottery how much would you like to win? The wealthy said “over a million dollars”, the lower income earner replied “ill be happy with $1000 anything would be great”

This was heartfelt because whilst this was an opportunity to fantasise, the wealthy are unhappy still wanting more yet the non wealthy woman could have fantasised about living the life of the rich but was content with whatever extra she could have that would help, she wasn’t unhappy, she is already rich with life!
This little experiment guides you in understanding the means of money and how you don’t need buckets full of it you just need enough to appreciate and not feel the need to have all this power through money.

So how do men fit in the big scheme of life, women want to control, what they wear, where they work, how much they earn, if they travelled, what their background is like, Will they make the perfect father, are they good in bed and the list of vain questions continue.
Society has brought confusion in the mind of women, as a woman we should not be looking at all of these qualities, what we should be looking at is one simple thing RESPECT, with respect comes love, with love comes affection and compromise and with compromise comes care and communication. This is all you need in a man, the rest is the joy of getting to know him, his job is not important in a society where both man and woman work, not many stay at home wives anymore so contribution to a relationship on both halves is what a woman should be investing there time in, does this man believe and will share his money as you share your money together where two incomes become one and your both not micro managed on the account. This one is a hard one for men and woman to come to terms with and probably one of the reasons divorce rate is so high because they forget sharing is caring, sharing is trust and trust is the foundation of the relationship so if he or she can not trust to share income then there is a grand case he or she doesn’t trust you at all in other areas of your relationship so end it now.

Control is the end to all means, you cannot control everything in your life, sometimes you need to let the universe take over and trust it to take you where you need to be and know where your headed is going to make you happy and in the big scheme of things and how the world around us is in turmoil, happiness is all we have, the rest is a BONUS.

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I don’t believe in just being good at one thing, i believe in being the best at everything. I am a self devoted woman who has worked in the travel industry, accounts, early education and am a vivid blogger. My struggles through anxiety has made me the strong woman i am today, i re-invented myself from being in fear to being fearless….


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