Comparing Affordable BB Cream Coverage & It’s Results



I love trying new products especially make up and the new natural looking, completion corrector such as the BB cream has taken foundation on a new high.

I like to look natural at work and during the day, I have found that BB cream gives me the right balance for my face, eyes and neck without the foundation and contouring that I would use when I go to a function or put on at night and want complete coverage and glamour.

In saying that I’m surprised that BB Cream is actually on par with foundation, so which one I recommend is after some trials.

London Rimmel: was the first medium BB Cream (I have olive to light skin so this tone is better suited to my skin tone) I used and I found it absolutely flattering, it not only covers but is light on application and it really adjusted the skin tone, gave coverage and made me look fabulous, it’s inexpensive yet it applies like an expensive foundation and I have often worn it out at functions and at night with no contouring and the results PERFECT!

Garnier: the second BB Cream I used in medium is heavy on application and darker in colour, my skin looked like I just had a spray tan and the coverage is very poor on first application it actually wore off after a few hours and didn’t adjust my complexion at all. My face didn’t adjust to this BB cream leaving a rash on my forehead that burned a few days.
The price isn’t bad anywhere from $9 to $15AUD depending on where you buy it from but for me it wasn’t a good fit.
If you like Garnier I would go light in colour and use it as a base under your own foundation for extra coverage. I believe they need to improve this product to live up to the BB range.

This cream is very light, I brought the medium coverage and it disappeared on my face, gave me no coverage, it has a very light consistency I was not a fan of this coverage at first but you do not know a product if you don’t give it a chance.
I wore it a few more times and it started to adjust to my skin type, it started to give me that fresh, covered up glow that looks natural and you can not tell I have any coverage. The price range is from $10 to $15AUD, I would recommend this product along side London Rimmel if you have the patience for it to start working with your skin after a few applications.

Nude by Nature:
This BB cream is more expensive around the $22 to $39AUD mark although I got it on our Boxing Day sale for $14.95.
This cream is organic and has key ingredients to assist with anti inflammatory, vitamin C, vitamin A and help with repairs and replenish your skin which scored some points with me as I like to know I’m using a product that not only covers but is doing some work to my skin behind the scenes as I wear it.
I brought Natural tan as this BB cream comes in 5 shades and since it’s only a cream not a foundation I went for a shade darker.
Application was watery and applied poorly, although it did feel nice on and my face could breathe as it applies thinly, the coverage took time to adjust, within the hour I found my face covered evenly, it was very natural, the biggest bonus for me was it covered my dark circles under my eyes and let me tell you it’s hereditary for me to have dark circles under my eyes and I’ve tried every eye cream, concealer and foundation and nothing worked I can still see it.
I just decided to accept it up until I started to use this BB cream, no extra just this alone and it’s done more than justice to my eyes.
For better results use contouring as I found with my face oil to normal skin it penetrates too quickly and fades, with contouring it holds the BB cream better but in my personal opinion if I have to use extra then the BB cream itself hasn’t fulfilled its duty. This cream has its positives and negatives.

As a result and keeping in mind this is only my personal opinion, out of the 4 BB creams I used London Rimmel is my preferred and has out done the rest, despite the fact that Nude by Nature covered my dark circles under my eyes, I use this BB cream primarily for this reason only and go over it with the London Rimmel. Maybelline & Garnier didn’t work for me and I wouldn’t use them again, that’s not to say they wouldn’t work for you. The moral of this test is to prove that you need to be persistent in using the product, give it a chance before making a decision and never rely solely on ones opinion as every skin type is different. I am happy I had the opportunity to use all products as I love make up and the trial and error was fun and informative.



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