How to Make Sure Your Charitable Donations Do The Most Good


The holidays are just around the corner, you’re making good progress on your shopping lists and decorating. Maybe you’ve even managed to save a dollar or two, or more. While out trying to cross the last few items off the sprawling list, you see a group of people asking for donations to this charity, or that organization. Spare change will do, any little bit helps.

If you’re like me, you hesitate just a bit, before dropping those nickels and dimes or crumbled bills into the collection tin. You’ve heard stories here and there about well-known charities keeping so much from each donation, that very little of it gets to those that need it. How can you be sure this charity can be trusted with your donation?

Where Do I Start?

GiveWell, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to finding which charities will do the most with your donations. What’s more, they’ll do what they promise to do. GiveWell spends a great amount of time researching and hunting for these charities, so they know for certain that they’re a good cause to help.

Just a click away, the GiveWell website provides a list of charities you can donate to this holiday season. Other available links include a page detailing how the organization works, another page dedicated to research, as well a page you can visit to stay updated.

Here are just a few of the charities listed on the GiveWell website:

Against Malaria FoundationThe AMF provides long-term funding to fight malaria in developing countries. GiveWell considers it to be one of their top rated charities; it’s a wonderful opportunity to make your donations count.

Sight Savers’Sight Saver’s focuses on preventing avoidable blindness and supporting those with impaired vision. Also a top charity at GiveWell, this is yet another chance to do some good with any extra cash you have lying around.

Helen Keller InternationalHKI supports programs that focus on dealing with preventable blindness or poor vision caused my nutrition deficiencies. One example of this is their work ensuring that people and children in sub-Saharan Africa have access to vitamin A, which is important for healthy eyes and strong vision.

More Helping Hands

Anyone looking for other charities than those listed can also visit the Standout Charities page. While these might not live up to the high bar set by top charities, they are considered to be among those that stand out from the rest. The do good with the donations they are given and they make a difference in their respective focus areas, according to research and evidence done by GiveWell.

The page not only provides a list of charities – and links to websites – but a summary of the work they do and a more detailed page to visit for each organization.

When it comes to puzzling out which organizations to donate to, who you can trust to carry out promises and, well, how to make sure your hard-earned money is not wasted, GiveWell serves as a solid starting point. So, if you have some spare change laying around, or if you plan to make a larger donation, you can find them on the GiveWell website and help countless people around the world this holiday season.

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