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NextGeneration is a digital magazine dedicated for global citizens and young generations. We at NextGeneration share one goal ; equipping the next generations for better tomorrow. Founded in 2017, NextGeneration prides itself on our strong commitment on helping and creating a better place for children and women and on our strong imagery in editorial which is used to showcase the work of amazing teams of art directors, writers, editors and many more.

We are also working on opening new chapters of NextGeneration is South East Asia and South Asia.Our aim is to provide the next generations with everything they to reshape our world for better future and to introduce our readers to ground breaking people that will influence them.We hope you enjoy reading NextGeneration.



When Sareswari first started, her passion for helping orphans in equipping and providing them  with the best equipment for their better future drove her to do intense research on children and women welfare and gave her the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a digital magazine. She spent her time visiting new places and interact with locals to learn about their culture and their way of life.

She is an author for Thrive Global, Tedx Speaker, Computer Scientist and also a passionate traveler.


Tasha Mapes

Editor In Chief

Tasha Mapes was born and raised in California and moved to England when she was 18. Tasha writes poetry and has published a poetry book called, ‘Changes’. She is also working on a novel. She works and is pursuing the higher education needed to become an English Professor. She volunteers at a youth club in her village and has a love of


Melissa Ray


Melissa Ray is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with over 10 years experience in the field. She possesses a B.A. in English along with various diplomas and certificates and has over 5 years proofreading/editing skills. Melissa enjoys reading, listening to music and learning new languages (French at the moment). She fluently speaks two languages and is conversational/beginner level in two.


Elaia Graphics

Designer Team

Tahiya Islam

Content Developer

Tahiya Islam is doing her Masters’ from Universiti Putra Malaysia in Pharmacology and Toxicology. She is a regular writer in ALSEW and Women Chapter. She is very passionate about expressing her feelings through her writing. She feels strongly about the progression of women in this generation and happily involves herself in the activities that help to bring about a change for women in the society. She has worked with volunteering organizations in Bangladesh that ensures proper education and healthcare for the underprivileged children of the country.


Tousif Jami

HR & Social Media Manager

This is Ahmad Tousif Jami from Bangladesh, a teenager who dreams of being ‘The Voice to The Voiceless’. I find ‘Next Generation Digital Magazine’ the best call for progression to this dream of mine. I hope my service will impose extra value to helpless peoples’ lives.


Krishan J


Krishan Jeyarajasingham MD is an individual who is planning to continue medical studies abroad in Australia. Global Health, Human Rights, Feminism, LGBT Rights, Education, & Poverty Alleviation are issues important to him.


NimmuRani Raghavan



Nolan Marcus


Nolan Marcus has an M.A. in Linguistics from Tulane University, and after being a long-time resident of New Orleans, is now living in Texas, where he was raised. He is a freelance copywriter and editor with the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors.


Peter Fullagar


Peter Fullagar has been teaching English as a foreign language for over 16 years, and is making the transition into editing and publishing.  He holds an MA in English language and literature and enjoys reading.  He is interested in green issues and equality for all.


Shaked Barkay


Originally from Haifa, Israel I live in the United States and am an economics student at the University
of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In addition, I am very active in my father’s real estate business. In both
the academia and the business world I have witnessed how even in the 21st century women are the
minority and their perspectives are often marginalized. This inspired me to take action, whether by
voicing women and girl’s perspectives in my writing for the school newspaper or tutoring girls in
mathematics and economics where they often lack the self-esteem to compete equally with their male
peers. I have also been active in environmental protection initiatives, particularly educating children
about the importance of wildlife and fighting to preserve forests against urban encroachment. In the
future, I plan on attending law school where I hope to continue gaining the tools to serve the
community at large and have the opportunity and platform to empower other women.


Jeffrey T. Kidd


My personal history and journey has evolved by overcoming obstacles, and solving problems. From 1972-1973, I attended Learning Disability classes (at Berkley Peckham Middle School located in Newport, Rhode Island) to overcome a disability of Dyslexia. In 1974-1975, during my public school Years (7th and 8th grades); the school guidance counselor (of Tiverton {R.I.} Junior-Senior High School) told my parents that I would not finish High School. During this time period my parents were going through a divorce, the Vietnam War was ending, and rampant violence as well as drug use was occurring on school property.

From 1976-1980, I attended Bishop Connolly High School (located in Fall River, M.A.) a Catholic Jesuit boys’ college preparatory school. During my first year I nearly flunked out. The main problem that I had at the time were poor / inadequate study skills. I struggled through my sophomore and junior years. By my senior year I had successfully learned to study for tests, quizzes, and how to write research papers. On 6/80 I proved the guidance counselor wrong by graduating from high school. During my high school, college, and university years my

parents always stressed the importance of education in life.

From 9/80-5/81 I successfully completed my freshman year at Walsh College located in Canton, Ohio. From 9/81-12/84 I completed my sophomore-senior years at the University of Rhode Island – Kingston, Rhode Island. On 12/26/84 I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minors in: International Relations, History, as well as Russian Area Studies.

From 12/84-12/86, I served and completed a two year enlistment with the U.S. Army as an Aviation Refueler at Fort Hood, Texas. From 2/88-12/89, I was stationed at Fort Drum, New

York as: 1) an Infantryman, 2) Petroleum Supply Specialist, and a 3) Transportation Operator. In 4/89 I completed a Legal Assistant Diploma from Penn Forster Career School. From 12/89-3/90 I was stationed at Griffis Air Force Base in Rome -New York as a Chauffeur. From 4/90-4/92 I was stationed as a Petroleum Supply Specialist in Karlsrhue, Germany. From 4/92-7/93 I was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas as a Petroleum Inventory & Accounting Manager. I received my U.S. Army Honorable Discharge on 7/7/93.

From 7/93-8/97 I taught English as a foreign language in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. My exposure to Mexican family values have taught me the values of: 1) family, 2) unconditional love, and 3) over-Whelming patience and peace.

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. In September of 2000 I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. I am presently a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran.

From 9/03-4/06 I volunteered as a “Support Group Facilitator” with the “National Alliance of the Mentally ILL of Southern Arizona – Tucson, A.Z.” (NAMISA) My responsibilities were to facilitate Support groups for individuals, and families impacted by mental illnesses. From 4/07 to present I have been volunteering as a “Literary Contributor” with a non-profit called “Allied Cultures”. My Responsibilities are to research, and write summaries on issues surrounding social justice. From 3/17 to present I have been volunteering as a “Writer-Editor” with a disability non-profit called “Living Beyond Boundaries, Inc.” My responsibilities are to write and edit: policies, newsletters, and Disability Articles.


Jonathan Gress


I was born in Denmark and raised in California and England. I’ve studied classical languages and linguistics and am currently employed in the education field as an online course developer and writing tutor, though I’m looking to develop my skills as an editor. I mostly divide my days between work and caring for my young daughter when her mother is working at a local library. In my spare time, I love to read about history, economics and science. What inspires me most about people is their ability to find new ways to produce goods from scarce resources, from the agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution to the digital revolution. We are unique as a species in not letting our circumstances dictate our possibilities.